How to use eresources@cambridge: #2 ejournal error messages

Some really useful troubleshooting advice here for when accessing the full text of journals just doesn’t seem to work!


Found what you are looking for in the catalogue? Viewing articles should now be easy, but there are some common error messages that may get in your way.

Once you have read our guide to searching for ejournals, and have chosen your preferred search option, it should all be plain sailing, but you may find that you see one of the following:

EZProxy error message: (click on images to enlarge)EZProxy

Fix: copy and paste the error message into an email to with the journal title and URL. Once we get this information we can fix this for you.

‘port 2048’ error message: (this message can appear, with similar text, in any browser)


Fix: this problem is caused when Lapwing blocks access to ‘port 2048’ which enables access to electronic journals. You can fix this by setting up EduRoam on your computer. The University Computing Service has details…

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