Web of Science & Google Scholar


New links have been provided between the Web of Science Core Collection* and Google Scholar

This should help you to find the full text of articles quicker and to be confident that you are accessing good quality citations.

To illustrate what you should see when you perform a search on Google Scholar I searched for ‘lipid protein signalling’ (click on the image of this screenshot to enlarge it):


Underneath each search result you can see a link to Web of Science, and can see how many citations for the article have been found there. If you click on this link you are taken directly to the citations on Web of Science.

There are also reciprocal links to Google Scholar from the Web of Science Core Collection*

When you click on an article in your results list you will see across the top of the screen a link to ‘Look up full-text’. If you click on this you are taken to the article citation on Google Scholar.

You can also access the full text of articles directly from Google Scholar!

Again, when searching Google Scholar from within the University network, and as illustrated on the screenshot above, you can now see links to ‘ejournals@cam- full text’ on the right hand side of your search results list. Clicking on this link ultimately brings you directly to the full text article via the ejournals@cambridge website, if the journal has been subscribed to by the University. If it is not available as full text then you can click from there on ‘Search the Library’s catalog’ to search for the journal by title on the library catalogue to see if there is a print version in the University somewhere. You can also see direct links to PDF or HTML versions of articles which might work.

Other ways of finding the full text

Of course, librarians would prefer that you use the online library catalogue LibrarySearch to search for books or journal titles, in both print and electronic form, or use LibrarySearch+ to search by journal article, to get to the full text, see http://www.lib.cam.ac.uk/newton/! However, these embedded links between Web of Science and Google Scholar should help you get to the full text quicker and more efficiently than if you simply use Google or try to access the full text directly from a journal’s website, which won’t necessarily recognise you as being a member of the University of Cambridge entitled to the full text via subscription.

Find out more

Find out more about this new collaboration between Google Scholar and Web of Science here: http://wokinfo.com/googlescholar/. It includes some useful FAQs.

Web of Science can be found here: http://wok.mimas.ac.uk/.

Google Scholar can be found here: http://scholar.google.co.uk/.

*The Web of Science initial search page defaults to searching all databases simultaneously unless you select Web of Science Core Collection from the All Databases drop-down list, where you can specify which databases you wish to search.

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