Scopus to add cited references for pre-1996 content

This sounds like a useful development.


Elsevier will re-index 8 million articles – dating back to 1970 – in order to add cited references for pre-1996 content; this improvement will first become evident in Scopus in the fourth quarter of 2014 and finish in 2016.

Covering all major publishers and scientific fields of study, the project will increase the depth of Scopus’ scholarly content while enhancing your ability to use Scopus for long-term evaluation and trend analysis. Moreover, author profiles and h-index counts of researchers who published articles prior to 1996 will be more complete.

Read more about the Cited References Expansion Program.
“Over the course of 10 years, Scopus has increasingly become the abstract and citation database of choice, not only among researchers, but also among those who evaluate researcher performance and the impact of scientific output,” said Cameron Ross, Vice President of Product Management for Scopus at Elsevier. “The Scopus Cited References…

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