Get apps for Wiley chemistry journals


Access apps for Wiley journals either via the University’s subscription or your own personal one.

What are the benefits of the apps?

Content has been optimized for your mobile device to aid reading text, figures and references.

Individual articles and issues can be saved for offline use.

You can share abstracts, figures, or tables with colleagues or students.

There is no extra cost to existing subscribers and institutional users.

Which journals have apps?

See what is available here.

However, on this list there are a few journals that the University does not currently subscribe to online (although there might be print copies in libraries), so unless you have your own personal subscription to them, you will not be able to use the app: Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry, ChemElectroChem, Chemie fur Dummies, ChemPlusChem, Drug Testing and Analysis, Israel Journal of Chemistry.

The full-text content of three of the journals on this list is available to anyone for free – Microscopy & Analysis, Spectroscopy Asia, and Spectroscopy Europe – so you should be able to download apps for these regardless.

How to access the apps:

A subscription is required to access most full-text content. If you already access Wiley journals through a personal member subscription or your institution via Wiley Online Library, you can get access to full-text content on your device, at no extra cost.

You need to be connected to the University network in order to be able to access the full-text content that the University subscribes to. Follow these instructions:

  1. If you don’t have one already, create an account on Wiley Online Library.
  2. Access Wiley Online Library while connected to the University network. Log on to your account (click on ‘Log in / Register’ in the top right hand corner) and visit the roaming access section of ‘My Profile’ and click ‘Activate Roaming Access’. N.B. If you are ‘off-campus’ you could use the VPN if you have set this up at home, or search for a Wiley journal (e.g. ChemSusChem) on ejournals@cambridge and when you click on the ‘Wiley Blackwell Journals’ link you will be prompted for your Raven login and password. You can then click on ‘Login / Register’ to access your Wiley Online Account. Contact the Chemistry Librarian if you have any problems doing this.
  3. Download the app for your selected journal from iTunes App Store. Launch the app and click on ‘Get Access’ (you may be automatically asked how you want to Get Access), select ‘I log in to Wiley Online Library’.
  4. Enter your Wiley Online Library account information.
  5. Access the full-text content via the app!

What if I have an Android device?

There are some journals that have Android apps – the three titles on the list that have free full-text access, as mentioned above (Microscopy & Analysis, Spectroscopy Asia, and Spectroscopy Europe)click here.

Can I use these apps on the Chemistry Library mobile devices?

Yes! The iOS apps have been downloaded onto the iPad and the Android ones onto the Toshiba tablet.

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