Library Help website

helpUsing the University’s many libraries? Get help and advice online via Library Help

Library Help is a new tool aimed at helping you find Cambridge University libraries information under the following headings:

  • Getting started
  • Borrowing
  • Finding resources
  • Research & Study advice
  • IT / Print / Copy

It is intended to be intuitive and easy to use, and has been designed with the input of undergraduate and postgraduate students from throughout the University (including Chemistry!). The content consists mainly of ‘How do I …?’ and ‘Can I …?’ type questions that will hopefully navigate you towards help quickly.

Your feedback is encouraged on this new tool, which is in beta; just follow the link provided on the front page of Library Help.

Visit Library Help here:

(Library Help is hosted on the Libraries Gateway on the University Library website. To get to it without a direct URL you need to go to the UL website at then go to the Cambridge Libraries Gateway, which is a Quick Link on the right-hand side menu bar, and then click on the link to Library Help).

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