Reaxys – new ‘@cam find full text’ buttons

Now you can link directly to the full text of journal articles (if subscribed to by the University) from within Reaxys while on the University network, by using the new ‘@cam find full text’ buttons that have been added to the database.

(Click on the screenshots below to enlarge them).

How does it work?

These buttons act as link resolvers, directing you (by way of the DOI for an article) directly to the article. This functionality is also available when using Google Scholar and other e-resources from within the University network.

This means that when you have performed a search on Reaxys and wish to download an article that you have found a reference to, as shown in the following screenshot, you should see the ‘@cam find full text button’ by each citation:


Click on the button and you will be taken to a record for the article on the ejournals@cambridge website:


Here, you will see the exact details of full-text coverage available for the journal that the article is published in. If the University subscribes to content that covers the date your article was published you will see the orange ‘Article’ button. Click on this and you will be taken directly to the article and you should be able to download the full text.

What if the University doesn’t subscribe?

When you click on the ‘@cam find full text’ button from within Reaxys you may be directed to a record on ejournals@cambridge that tells you that the full-text of an article is not available (because the University does not subscribe):


You can see that there is a ‘By Title’ link (Step 1) to the library catalogue, LibrarySearch, which will search for the print version of the journal in Cambridge. You will usually have to visit the holding library in person but in many cases we do have arrangements with libraries whereby they will scan articles for us for free if we request it – please ask us. Otherwise, you can ask us to request a copy of the article via the British Library’s Document Supply Service, please see our website for more information. The University Library does offer the same service and cheaper (you will find details on this by clicking on the ‘Inter-library Loans’ link as shown in the above screenshot) but they will not be able to charge it back to your Grant/Ledger code for you, as we can).

How does this work if I’m away from the University network?

Off-campus access to Reaxys is best achieved by going to the Chemistry Library website at and clicking on the link to Reaxys on the left-hand side menu (under the ‘Resources’ section). At this point you should be prompted to enter your Raven login and password. When you have clicked on the ‘@cam find full text’ button next to a citation and then click on the orange ‘Article’ button (if the University subscribes) you should be able to go directly to the article without having to enter your Raven credentials again.

What if the ‘@cam find full text’ button doesn’t work properly?

This is very new functionality – if you find any anomalies or the button doesn’t appear to be working properly please do report it to the ejournals@cambridge helpdesk at, including the full details of the article you are trying to access.




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