Can’t find a journal article or a book/chapter that you need in Cambridge? You need our document supply service!

British Library

Photo credit: British Library, by Magnus_D on Flickr Creative Commons

We have an account with the British Library that we can use to request copies of journal articles or book chapters, or the loan of entire books for you (if the BL holds them).

Requests are officially fulfilled within 3-5 working days (but it’s usually even quicker than this) and we charge a subsidised fee that we can charge back to your grant/ledger code.

British Library requests can be made for journal articles, book chapters and books not easily available elsewhere in Cambridge. This service is available to Chemistry Department academic staff and researchers only. Others should apply to the Central Science Library or the University Library.

Current document supply request charges from August 2014:

  • Article by Secure Electronic Delivery (SED) – £6.00 or £9.42 (depending on whether the item is already available as a scanned document or not)
  • Photocopy by post – £9.40
  • Loan by post – £12.65

If you require this service, please come to the Chemistry Library Office or email with the full citation for the item you require, along with the grant/ledger code, and your supervisor’s name (if appropriate), for charging purposes. 

Other document supply services available

It is cheaper to use the University Library or Central Science Library document supply services but you will not be able to charge the cost back to your grant/ledger code. If another library in Cambridge does hold an item you need you will generally have to visit the library in person in order to access it.

However the Chemistry Library does have mutual arrangements in place with some libraries whereby library staff will scan items on behalf of their readers, so before you make a special visit to another library please check with us first to see if this service is possible.

The Central Science Library (located in central Cambridge on Benet Street) offers a document scanning service (Scan and Deliver) for print journals in its collection but you would not be able to charge the cost back to your grant/ledger code unless you raised a Purchase Order, and the item would not be processed until payment is received.

Find out more about our Document Supply service on our website here.

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