PatentPak now available in SciFinder


Do you spend a lot of time rounding up and pinpointing chemistry in patents? Save time by using PatentPak, a new patent workflow solution available in SciFinder.

PatentPak features include:

  1. Full-text patents – access searchable, full-text patent documents directly and securely from major worldwide patent offices
  2. Patent families – connect directly to these in their original language
  3. Substance page numbers – navigate directly to the page where these appear in the patent
  4. Interactive document viewer – searchable, interactive patents that also let you directly launch new SciFinder searches (coming soon)

Registered SciFinder users are entitled to five free samples of PatentPak content.

When you click on the PatentPak icon (that will appear in your search results) you can immediately view the full text patent document for that reference. A pop-up box tracks how many free samples are still available. If you click on the icon after all five free samples have been used, you can still link to more information about PatentPak.

The substance location information feature within the SciFinder patent display is not included in the complementary access although availability is noted in the display.

Want to know more about PatentPak?

Read the product information (with useful screenshots!) here:

Watch a video guide here:

Want to recommend PatentPak for purchase?

If you take advantage of any of the free content samples and consider that adding PatentPak to our existing subscription to SciFinder would be worthwhile, please contact me at

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