NCDS trialling free access to ADME-Tox predictive tools


For the last two months the National Chemical Database Service has been trialling a new free resource: the ADME-Tox predictive features of ACD/I-Lab.

All UK academics can try them out now for free through ACD/I-Lab at the NCDS website.

The Royal Society of Chemistry receives funding from the EPSRC to host the National Chemical Database Service. Based on community suggestions and needs, it licenses various resources and databases to make them freely available to all UK academics. The features they are now trialling include industry-leading algorithms for predicting ADME properties such as bioavailability and absorption, as well as toxicity properties such as LD50.

The RSC’s trial period will expire at the end of July, so they’ll soon be making a decision about whether to pay to license ACD/Labs’s ADME-Tox features on a permanent basis. It relies on feedback from researchers to guide their decisions, so if you find that access to ADME-Tox predictive tools is useful for your research, please let them know to help them understand the value of this resource to the UK academic community.

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