Second Gold for Gold voucher of 2015 allocated!



The second of the 19 Gold for Gold vouchers that the Royal Society of Chemistry has given to the University of Cambridge for 2015 has been used to make the following article immediately open access:

Supramolecular Polymer Networks Based on Cucurbit[8]uril Host-Guest Interactions as Aqueous Photo-Rheological Fluids
Cindy Soo Yun Tan, Jesus del Barrio, Ji Liu and Prof. Oren Scherman
Polymer Chemistry, 2015, Accepted Manuscript, DOI: 10.1039/C5PY01115A

To find out more about the Gold for Gold initiative, please see a previous blog post here:

There are still 17 vouchers left for 2015!

If you or at least one of the authors on an RSC paper are an academic member of the University of Cambridge, and there are no funds available for you to pay the APC to make your paper immediately open access, then you may be eligible for a Gold for Gold voucher! Please see the above blog post for information on how to apply.

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