SciFinder now available off-campus via Raven authentication

SciFinder official

We are very pleased to announce that members of the University of Cambridge can now access SciFinder off-campus via Raven authentication.

This means that you no longer have to use the VPN to specifically access SciFinder when you are away from the University network.

Revised information on how to access SciFinder is provided on the Chemistry Library’s website at You can find this by following the link to ‘SciFinder’ on the main Chemistry Library website, under the ‘Resources’ section of the left-hand side menu.

In summary, all members of the University must first register for a SciFinder account (links are supplied on the website), but once you have registered and you want to access SciFinder from off-campus you just need to follow the link provided on the website above and you will be prompted for your Raven password. Links are also provided on the website for registration and logging in from within the University network.

Please be aware that SciFinder Mobile can also be used by registered users to access SciFinder on their mobile device. There’s no app to download and no IP address restrictions.

Please let us know at if you encounter any problems with registration or accessing SciFinder via the links provided on the website.

SciFinder is also listed on the Chemistry Library’s new LibGuide.

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