The new helpful “LibrarySearch+ sidebar”

Try this out!


In fact the LibrarySearch+ sidebar isn’t totally new as we’ve been experimenting with it and trialling it since late summer 2015.  We are now confident it is working smoothly after some initial queries and so before the year’s through here is a brief description of what it is and how it helps you use LibrarySearch+ to the best advantage.

What is the LibrarySearch+ sidebar? 

It’s a pane that appears on the right of your browser window when linking from certain citations you find in LS+.   In LS+ click the link, e.g. “Full Text Online” below a LS+ citation, and LS+ will open a content page.  The sidebar will appear to the right of the content, e.g. article full text.

Citation & journal information

The sidebar helpfully contains the citation that you read on a LS+ search results page.  Once you’ve clicked on a link on that results page and left…

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