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Eresources downtime on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd April

hazard warning

Downtime of the Soulsby Data Centre, West Cambridge, for essential electrical work this coming weekend – Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd April 2016 – means that all online library services will be unavailable during the period of downtime.

This includes the library catalogues (LibrarySearch and LibrarySearch+) and the University Library website, so it will not be possible to access ebooks, ejournals, or databases via that route.

However, access (including off-campus) to online resources will be available directly from those publisher websites that offer ‘Shibboleth’ or ‘Institutional login’ options (look for the ‘Login’ or ‘Institutional login’, ‘Federated Login’, or even ‘Your Account’ or ‘Sign in’ links):

  • If you are asked for a Region or Group, please select ‘UK Access Management Federation’/’UK Federation’.
  • When asked for your Institution, please select ‘University of Cambridge’.
  • You should then be taken to the Raven login page.

(Note regarding SciFinder: please login as if you are off-campus).

Manual borrowing and return of books will be possible in the Chemistry Library; instructions are available next to the machine.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

New Chemistry Library website launched!

Library Web Shots-9501-Edit taken by Gabriella Bocchetti, -®University of Cambridge

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new Chemistry Library website!

To get to it, click on the ‘Library’ menu from the Department of Chemistry website home page, or go directly to: (the URL remains the same as before).

It still includes content from our old website, for example on our collections, facilities, and services, and quick links to popular journals and databases. New content has been added, particularly to reflect the scholarly communications support role of the library. So there are pages that give information on how to manage your research profile, measuring the impact of your research, how to make your paper open access, and how to share your data, for example.

We are still developing the website and would really like your input so we welcome your feedback on the content and structure of the website, as well as your ideas for future content (especially for the ‘Cool tools for Chemistry‘ page!).

We hope you enjoy using the new library website!

Molymods now available in the Chemistry Library!

At a recent meeting of the Committee for the Library and Scholarly Communication, undergraduate student representatives told us that using the molymod in the library had been useful, so please could they have some more?

We thought this was a great idea, so a couple of sets were ordered, one of which is now available to use by anyone in the library.

It was purchased from the Part IA Chemistry teaching lab, so you may be familiar with it: the Orbit Organic and Inorganic Individual Set which you can use:

to make models of many molecules and compare different structures including saturated hydrocarbons, unsaturated hydrocarbons, cyclic hydrocarbons, functional groups in organic chemistry, benzene, polymerization, optical isomerism, simple inorganic molecules and complex ions

It contains 240 atoms, and 200 bonds.


Another set is on order, the molymod Inorganic/Organic (Student) Set. It contains 52 atoms, supplied in a 4- compartment box.

Please ask a member of library staff if you want to use one of these sets. They are kept in the Library Office and will have to be signed for, and cannot be removed from the library.

Let us know how you get on using the molymods and which you prefer; perhaps even make us something!


Taylor and Francis Online Journal Collection: Upgraded to Full Collection

Many chemistry and related subjects titles are now available; check out the Science and Technology list.


New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : Taylor and Francis Online Journal Collection: upgraded to the full collection.



The subscription to the Taylor and Francis Journal Collection has been upgraded by adding the Science & Technology Library to the Social Science & Humanities Library, providing access to about 350 extra titles in the fields of engineering, computer science, environment and agriculture, mathematics, statistics and physics.

For a list of titles included in the Science and Technology Library please click here.

The new collection includes a number of journals which have been recommended for purchase in the last year, including:

The Full Collection includes most journals published by Taylor and Francis, but some titles which are not part of a collection are not covered. Newly published journals will not be automatically included either.

Access titles from the Taylor and Francis Online Journal Collection via the…

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