New Chemistry Library website launched!

Library Web Shots-9501-Edit taken by Gabriella Bocchetti, -®University of Cambridge

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new Chemistry Library website!

To get to it, click on the ‘Library’ menu from the Department of Chemistry website home page, or go directly to: (the URL remains the same as before).

It still includes content from our old website, for example on our collections, facilities, and services, and quick links to popular journals and databases. New content has been added, particularly to reflect the scholarly communications support role of the library. So there are pages that give information on how to manage your research profile, measuring the impact of your research, how to make your paper open access, and how to share your data, for example.

We are still developing the website and would really like your input so we welcome your feedback on the content and structure of the website, as well as your ideas for future content (especially for the ‘Cool tools for Chemistry‘ page!).

We hope you enjoy using the new library website!

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