IOP ebooks – Release 2

This may be of interest to chemists too.


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The Betty and Gordon Moore Library is pleased to announce that ‘Release 2’ of IOP Expanding Physics and IOP Concise Physics is now available for registered Cambridge staff and students.These 60 new titles complement the existing access to the 35 ‘Release 1’ titles, already available. These titles are useful for both undergraduates and researchers.

IOP ebooks allow unlimited concurrent usage and are available on and off campus (with a Raven login). The titles are published in HTML, PDF, and EPUB formats, and can be downloaded or read online.

The new titles will very shortly be available in LibrarySearch and you can also access them from the supplier platform. You can also find a list of titles in the Release 2 collection here. (The catalogue of ‘Release 1’ titles is also available from here.)

dark matter    balancing green power    emerging models    Quantum mechanics

The ebooks@cambridge team welcome queries or comments on these new titles…

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