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New self-service machine renew books function

Following the recent library management system upgrade we are very pleased to announce that the self-service machine is back in action, and there is some new functionality available!

You can now view the books you have on loan from libraries across Cambridge, and you can renew them on the machine.

You can continue to renew books online of course, by logging on to your iDiscover account with your Raven credentials (the previous My Library Account facility is no longer available following the system upgrade). The login button can be found in the top right hand corner of the screen:


Library staff can also renew books for you if you contact us by phone or email or in person, so there is no need to lug your book(s) around. Please remember that you can only renew a book on loan to you from the Chemistry Library three times.

To see what books you have on loan from libraries across Cambridge

First you need to press the Borrow button on the machine:


Then scan the barcode on the reverse of your University Card.


Your borrower record is displayed. Your name should appear at the top of the screen.


Press the Renew button on the left hand side of the screen. The books you have on loan will be displayed, in red.


(Note that the machine displays the amount any fines you have from a library after your name at the top of the screen, and next to the book concerned. A fine amount may be showing at the top of the screennext to your name but you cannot see it next to a book: this may be because you have returned the book(s) to the library you borrowed it from, but have not yet paid the fine. You will need to contact the library concerned about this. The Chemistry Library does not fine, and library staff here cannot help you with queries about fines from other libraries).

Unfortunately you cannot see which library the books have been borrowed from. We will investigate whether this can be displayed.

To renew a book(s)

Select the book(s) you wish to renew on the screen. The book(s) you have selected turn green.

Renew the book(s) by pressing the Renew Selected or Renew All button.

The due date for the book should change to reflect the renewal.

The number of books you have renewed appears in the box in the top right hand corner of the screen.

The new due date for the book(s) should also display in the Borrowed until column.


If the book has already been renewed the maximum number of times according to the Chemistry Library rules (this will vary across libraries) or if there is another problem, you will see the message telling you that the renewal failed.

View your reservations function

We have not tested this yet but it appears that you can see reservations you have made for books on loan to you across Cambridge by pressing the Reservations button on left of the screen (which displays the number of reservations you have).


Return books at any time using the Return button on the screen

You can return a book by pressing the Return button on the left of the screen.


Follow the instructions on the screen to do this (basically scan the barcode of each book).

You can find instructions for returning and borrowing books using the self-service machine in a previous blog post.

To log out of the machine

Press the Finish button to end the session. If you would like a receipt of the transaction(s) which gives you the details and due dates of books then press the Receipt button. This will print off a receipt on the printer next to the machine and you will be logged out of the session automatically.

Please give us your feedback

It is very early days with this new functionality and we will be monitoring whether it is working properly or if it is useful.

If you have any problems using the machine please let us know, either in person in the library, by email to, or by phone on (3)36329.