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Chemistry Library Wellbeing Area

The Chemistry Library has a new Wellbeing Area! Take time out from your revision, study, or work day to relax and refresh in a quiet environment. Everyone in the Department of Chemistry is welcome!

In association with Chemistry Wellbeing @ChemWellbeing.

Chem Lib logo RGB


Do something creative and fun to help you de-stress and refocus! Thanks to generous donations from members of the Department, we have some great wellbeing materials available to use in the library only.

Try colouring in or drawing …



Try doing a jigsaw puzzle …


Try origami …


Further ideas (and donations!) suitable for a quiet space are very welcome (e.g. crafts? novels? magazines? knitting?).

We really hope you like and use the new Wellbeing Area, which is located in the comfy seating area of the library. Please let us have your feedback.

Find out more about wellbeing at the University here:

N.B. Hot and cold drinks are allowed in the library, but only in reusable, spill-proof containers. Food is not allowed. The library is a silent space.


Re-imagining library spaces at the University of Cambridge

Take a look at ‘The Tracker Project’ report by Furturelib! Students using the Chemistry Library wore eyetracking devices while finding books and other items – with fascinating results. We will digest the project findings and hopefully act upon them in future.

Let us know what you think!

Source: Re-imagining library spaces at the University of Cambridge

Want to work in your room but need an app which is only on University computers?

laptop-1019782_1280 (2)Use DS-Remote!

DS-Remote is a service exclusively for the use of University of Cambridge students to aid in access to Windows applications outside of the MCS for use on a device, having installed a remote desktop client.


Shiny new things now available in the Chemistry Library to make your life easier

As a result of feedback from undergraduate students on the Committee for the Library and Scholarly Communication, we have purchased the following:

Some new mice

IMG_0146 (2)

The mice currently in use are quite cheap and insubstantial. We have spent (only a little) bit more money on a selection of three mice from Logitech, follow these links to find out more:

These will be kept in the Library Office to borrow, just ask when you need one.


IMG_0151 (2)

Apparently these are useful for students when they are photocopying. These are located in the Print Room (the small room next to the Library Office).

An anti-glare screen hood

Sometimes there is glare on the computer screens in the library. This adjustable hood will be kept in the Library Office to borrow, just ask when you need it.

We hope these help. Please do not remove them from the Library!

Library Help website

helpUsing the University’s many libraries? Get help and advice online via Library Help

Library Help is a new tool aimed at helping you find Cambridge University libraries information under the following headings:

  • Getting started
  • Borrowing
  • Finding resources
  • Research & Study advice
  • IT / Print / Copy

It is intended to be intuitive and easy to use, and has been designed with the input of undergraduate and postgraduate students from throughout the University (including Chemistry!). The content consists mainly of ‘How do I …?’ and ‘Can I …?’ type questions that will hopefully navigate you towards help quickly.

Your feedback is encouraged on this new tool, which is in beta; just follow the link provided on the front page of Library Help.

Visit Library Help here:

(Library Help is hosted on the Libraries Gateway on the University Library website. To get to it without a direct URL you need to go to the UL website at then go to the Cambridge Libraries Gateway, which is a Quick Link on the right-hand side menu bar, and then click on the link to Library Help).

Jisc’s Summer of Student Innovation 2014

Librarians have been asked to help promote Jisc’s Summer of Student Innovation 2014.


From their press release:

Jisc, the UK’s expert on digital technologies for education and research, has today opened registration for this year’s Summer of Student Innovation. The competition will offer digitally savvy further and higher education (FE and HE) students the chance to create technology solutions that could change the education landscape forever.

The project recognises the importance of giving students a voice in the way they are taught, learn and live whilst studying. It aims to develop students’ creative design, research, entrepreneurial and project management skills.

Successful entrants will receive a £5,000 grant from Jisc to transform their ideas into prototypes and gain a ‘feel’ for their product or service. The selected students will also receive user feedback so that missing or difficult functionality can be easily identified and students can go on to develop better solutions that will potentially be adopted by universities, colleges and learning providers across the UK.

Find out more by visiting the Jisc Elevator website.